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Handmade LOGO design • Technique: adigraph, cutter & black ink to create the brand-new stamp! Then, Photoshop & Illustrator to complete digital versions • LAB PIETRA TORINO • by kamimani

 visual contents creation

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Pietra's bags • hand screen printed • graphic design by kamimani, based on the coworkers' interpretation of Pietra's logo.
Schermata 2019-12-14 alle 17.40.54.png
Schermata 2019-12-14 alle 17.40.54.png
oggetti senza frecce.jpg


expanding & improving



painting / sculpting / tailoring / screen printing

  illustration / graphic design / photo / video 

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      hardworking to renovate the space                

Art lottery cover banner illustrated by Riccardo Di Stefano & designed by Kamilla Lucarelli


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graphic design

& screen printing

Laboratorio Artistico Pietra's art lottery ticket
n. 100 live hand-screenprinted lottery ticket at @BalonTorino to win our artworks for Christmas!
Detail of Lab Pietra's illustrated lottery ticket // hand screen printed for Christmas 2017 by Riccardo Di Stefao and Kamilla Lucarelli

  illustration & screen printing  

feat. Riccardo Di Stefano

8 artists with 8 artworks: PAINTINGS, WATERCOLORS DRAWINGS, SCREEN PRINTS, COLLAGES, ACRYLICS ON WOOD, RISOGRAPH PRINTS, SCULPTURES AND LIGHTBOXES. Those are the art prizes won at the Art Lottery Awards that took part at Christmas 2017. The lottery draw has been organized at Laboratorio Artistico Pietra, in ia Giacinto Carena 27, Turin • Italy

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 BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE   multimedia art exhibition     

BYOD // Bring Your Own Device is the exhibition presented by Laboratorio Artistico Pietra, in collaboration with Fusion Art Gallery & Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin
Is Furby a device for a new media art project? Here's the Kamimani graphic banner to promote a BYOD event, the New Media Art students exhibition, that took part in 2019 at Lab Pietra, Via Giacinto Carena 27, Torino.
The event cover banner by Kamimani: graphic ideas started from Ema Jons + GORGO "Donna Summer" street fanzine, illustrated by Ema Jons, presented by Lab Pietra and introduced by Guerrila Spam. This has been the last art event of 2019 @LabPietra. See you next year!

 EMA JONS + GORGO                     art show & fanzine presentation   

Workshop - 2018 - Past events - Education - Exhibitions - Laboratorio Artistico Pietra - Graphic design project and calligraphy by Kamimani
Workshop - Education - Poster Art - Drawing - Street Art - Urban Art - Installations • Laboratorio Artistico Pietra
Projections - Cineforum - Workshops - Events - Exhibition • Laboratorio Artistico Pietra



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Surprised face to complete the fresh graphics about the lab renovation.
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